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WhatsApp Add Filters in Camera Features

The three new features presented by WhatsApp this time is a camera filter, photo album, and shortcuts
The three new features presented by WhatsApp this time is a camera filter, photo album, and shortcuts

Sakura Tech WhatsApp updates apps and introduces three new features. However, the new features offered in this latest update are unfortunately only agen domino online intended for iOS mobile users. The three new features presented by WhatsApp this time is a camera filter, photo album, and shortcuts to reply to a message. Among the three new features, the camera filter feature is mentioned most prominently. This camera filter is not only for photos, but also for video and GIF.

The camera filter option will appear on iOS devices when users want to send photos, videos, or GIFs to a conversation. For now, filter options are still limited to Pop, B & W, Cool, Chrome, and Movies. While the second feature, the photo album, is a form of simplification of the view by WhatsApp on the photo content in chat rooms that often seem scattered.

With this new feature, a sequence of uploaded photos streaked into a conversation will automatically be grouped into an album. Automatic grouping also applies to video content The last feature WhatsApp rolled out for iOS is the option to quickly reply to a message. The way this feature works is simple by sliding it to the side of a conversation balloon. This feature is just an alternative to press the ‘reply’ button that previously existed.

As mentioned earlier, these three features are still limited to iOS devices only. No further news when a similar update appears on Android devices, as reported by The Verge. Previously, WhatsApp has also added features for iOS users by integrating with Siri. Thus, Siri can read out WhatsApp messages for its users, so Engadget

End of June WhatsApp Can No Longer Be Used On This Device, not about camera

After briefly suspending the termination of support for multiple operating systems, WhatsApp makes sure to say goodbye to some versions of Android, Nokia, Symbian and BlackBerry.

This warning has been voiced by WhatsApp since December 2016. They will stop support for BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, iOS 6, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, up to Android 2.1 and Android 2.2. But for some reason, this Facebook subsidiary chose to postpone it until June 30, 2017. And that date is an absolute decision.

To that end, Whatsapp advises users of these old devices to switch to using Android, iPhone or Windows Phone operating system with newer variants. The reason why Whatsapp stopped providing support for the OS version, because these types of smartphones do not offer the ability to expand WhatsApp features in the future.

“This is a difficult choice for us but it is right to give the best way to people who want to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones through WhatsApp,” said Express WhatsApp.

“If you are one of those mobile device users, we recommend updating to the new Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone before the end of June 2017, if you want to continue using WhatsApp,” says WhatsApp.

In the future WhatsApp will release new features that require high specification devices. In other words, WhatsApp users who still use older phones will not be able to send and receive messages anymore.

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