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Uber Fires 20 Employees Who Make Sexual Abuse

The results of an investigation into a sexual assault case
The results of an investigation into a sexual assault case

Sakura Tech – The results of an investigation into a sexual assault case in Uber forced them to fire more than 20 sbobet judi online employees. This dismissal is a continuation of Uber ‘clean-up’ work environment.

More than 20 people were fired from 215 Uber employees who entered into an external investigation in the body of the company. According to the TechCrunch report, they were fired for being sexually provocative.

“I’m pretty excited about the results … I want Uber to be a better work space,” said Bernard Coleman, who heads Uber’s diversity and inclusion.

With the discovery of 215 suspected abusers, at least 215 cases of harassment occurred. That number is so much that there appears to be a systematic allegation of sexual abuse in Uber’s body. Out of a total of 215 cases, 100 employees released from the allegations, 57 still under investigation, 31 people went into consulting and training classes, and 7 others received written warnings.

Uber took the law firm Perkins Coie LLP from the United States to investigate all his employees on the issue of harassment in all forms. This investigation began when former Uber employee Susan Fowler wrote down her sexual harassment experience during her short period of work there.

Susan admitted to being treated unpleasantly from her boss. At that moment the boss openly seduced him to make love. The incident was followed by another incident so Susan decided to get out of Uber.

Susan’s confession forced Uber Travis Kalanick’s CEO to fix the company he led. Uber hired a law firm and a number of experts to investigate the case as a whole. In addition to the issue of sexual harassment, Uber is also accused of making policies that are gender-discriminatory and racial in accepting new employees.

Uber has recorded 36.1 percent female employees and 63.9 percent of male employees. White folk dominate by a little under 50 percent of the total employees. While blacks only 8.8 percent, hispanic 5.6 percent, and 4.3 percent of other races.

“What you’re suddenly aware of is that you’re so big and aware that this (diversity) is important,” Coleman argued.

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